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Avalon Risk, LLC and Bankers Insurance Company announce a new bonding initiative for emerging contractors. 

Small contractors as well as M/W/D Business Enterprises will now have a new option in their pursuit of surety bonds from an A.M. Best “B+” rated and United States Treasury “T-Listed”surety company.

Avalon Risk, LLC is a leading wholesale intermediary in the surety industry and has assisted hundreds of emerging and certified contractors obtain surety bonding.

Bankers Insurance Company is a well established surety insurance company now committed to providing bonding to qualified emerging contractors. 

This new program is designed to assist contractors obtain and maintain bonding for both public and private works construction.

It is specifically designed to address the difficulty that small and certified contractors face in the marketplace when applying for bonds. 

The Program Is Tailored For:

  • Small and emerging contractors seeking public works
  • M/W/DBE firms
  • Public Agency Mentoring and Set Aside Programs
  • Public Bonding Assistance Programs
  • Minority participation goals on large scale public and private projects
  • Community outreach programs for public and private projects

Avalon/Bankers will be distributing the program through local agents and brokers. Have your insurance or bonding agent call Avalon for details. 

Don’t have a bonding agent? Call Avalon directly and we’ll provide a list of our preferred agents in your area. Visit our website at for our staff contact information.


Contract Surety Products

Avalon offers a full range of contract surety bond products to its clients. These include but are not limited to:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Payment Bonds
  • Supply bonds
  • Union Welfare bonds
  • Lien bonds
  • Pre-qualification letters

Our Company focuses on small to medium size general contractors and trade subcontractors in all disciplines of work. Our main geographic area of business is the greater Metropolitan region, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut though we can entertain bonds in any state.

Avalon has a special emphasis on small, emerging and M/W/DBE Certified contractors. We have a variety of programs and bonding company relationships that can assist emerging contractors with obtaining and increasing their bonding capacity. These programs are tailored for:

  1. Small and Emerging contractors seeking public works
  2. M/W/DBE and Veteran owned firms
  3. Public Agency Mentoring and Set Aside Programs
  4. Public Bonding Assistance Programs
  5. Certified participation goals on large scale public and private projects
  6. Community Outreach programs for public and private projects

Small contractors in general have a more difficult task in accessing bonding credit due to their size, low capital and/or any other aspects of their business that typically do not meet traditional underwriting criteria applied by bonding companies.

Our programs, however, specialize in a non-traditional approach to underwriting by placing more value on the “subjective” attributes of contracting firms and an evaluation of your unique capabilities to perform. The following are just some of the unique elements of our program underwriting;

  1. Start-up companies are acceptable
  2. Companies or owners that have poor credit or prior bankruptcies are not excluded
  3. Companies without financial statements can be considered
  4. Litigation issues can be independently evaluated and may not preclude bonding
  5. Personal assets of the owners are weighed into the decision making

All of the bonding companies we represent are A.M. Bests “A” rated and are United States Treasury Listed (“T” –listed) and are universally accepted for public and private construction projects.